Huh…never knew

I’m getting really sick of seeing my last post. I haven’t updated in a while, not much going on I guess. My discovery for the week is that I hate Jif peanut butter. I never knew! I always just buy Skippy and the last time I needed PB, Jif was on sale-so that’s what I bought-2 big, disgusting bulk jars of it, thanks a lot Costco! I never realized that there is such a big difference…but I’m tellin’ ya folks…THERE IS!! One of my guilty pleasures is a big tablespoon of Skippy sitting on the couch watching some dumb reality show like The Bachelor or America’s Got (NO) Talent. But lately I have not been able to carry that out because of my stupid jar of Jif-my hips are thanking me for it, haha. So I’m going to the store to get my Skippy! I need my Skippy! (Anyone want a jar and a half of Jif?…I’m giving it away so I don’t have to look at it anymore) 


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