Snowed out x 2!!!

Last Year, Girl’s Camp 2007:


We were up there about 36 hours before we had to call it quits and come home. These pics were taken before 2 wards got flooded and the girls had no dry shoes, this was before we spent 4 hours in the bishop’s camper waiting out the storm, this was before we all ended up muddy and cold after cleaning up in the storm and hightailing it outta there!

This year, Camp 2008:

Crazy, crazy!! We set up camp and had a great first day, most of us even got sunburned! Then we woke up to snow! I took these pictures at about 8 am. – so this was only HALF the snow that came down. It continued snowing hard until we left at 11:30. Some wards tried to tough it out and stayed, but we heard they came home eventually.  Lows were in the 20s and currently it’s probably in the upper 30s. No way should we have to tolerate that kind of weather for Girl’s Camp! We tried to be prepared and made sure everyone had 2 pair of shoes, warm clothes and heavy coats before we even left the parking lot of the church. But the weather was too strong for us. The purpose of camp is to learn about nature and bond with each other. The only thing we were bonding with was our sleeping bags! Not to mention our group has a few challenges; 3 Burmese girls who don’t speak english and a 35 year old handicapped woman, and 3 pretty wussy-when-it-comes-to-being-cold leaders (yes, that’s me).  So once again we packed up wet, muddy tents and wet, muddy girls and came home. This year we only made it about 30 hours at camp. All the preparation and STRESS I went through! Uggg…what a waste.

We tried to make the best of it and continued activities at home. We had a manicure/pedicure night and watched Hairspray and danced around in my basement one night. And the next night we got together and prepared the Dutch Oven meal we had planned. We had a lot of fun…and couldn’t help thinking that we were really glad we weren’t at Girl’s Camp. Here’s a pic of Esther, Becca, and Scotty…you can see the Burmese girls in the background. There were about 7 with us this night, but 3 came to camp.

I can’t help but LAUGH after reading this post! Pretty unbelievable! Ha ha…ha..frown with disappointment!


12 responses to “Snowed out x 2!!!

  • Kristin

    Wow!! That is so crazy!! Who would have even thought to prepare for snow in the middle of June!! I’m glad you were still able to do some of the things at home after all that planning!!

  • Melissa CArter

    That looks ccccold!

    Way to make it work out, those girls look like they’re having a blast!

  • tori

    Yeah ok seriously where is summer? I mean that’s like something that would happen in a movie, snowed out two years in a row! Maybe your ward needs to start planning girls camp in August!! ha ha! I am supposed to go in a week…I hope the weather is good for us!!

  • Ade

    ewww! how yucky! what are the odds? crazy.

  • Julie

    BRR! Where are you? I heard it snowed in Idaho Falls, too. I’m seriously sorry, I know planning is such a big deal. You’re a trooper!

  • Debbie Raymond

    Oh Becky – I know how much you wanted those girls to have the classic “Girl’s Camp experience.” It’s just unbelievable this happened two years in a row. Next year your stake better either go south or go in July! I admire you for trying to carry it on after you got home. They are lucky to have you!

  • Bre

    I just cant believe those pictures, you explaining it just didnt do justice like the photos. I feel so bad for the girls, I LOVED girls camp memories and will never forget them!! Im glad you got to do something with them after you came home to try and give them an experience:) I loved meeting up with you , it was SO good to see ya, thanks for chilling at the fair with us and our little men! We should get together more often! ANd you are just beautiful as ever!!

  • stacie

    WoW Becky thats CraZY it snowed on you two years in a row.. How fun that you are a leader I am sure the girls just LOVE you! I cant think of anything much worse than camping in the snow..

  • Anya

    Dude. You guys are awesome! I would have piled back in the car and drove home! In fact, last year at girls camp it RAINED. (Yes, only rained) and we headed to our camp directors cabin a few miles away for a few hours! Whimps!

  • Julia

    I’ve decided that girls camp is always hit with bad weather. We had a minor flash flood my 4th year at camp. I am terrified that I will someday be called to a YW calling where it is mandatory for me to go to girls camp. I’m not much of a camper and the teenagers in my ward scare me. I am so proud of you for going and you look like you and such a great time! What a good example you are!

  • Claire

    that’s so crazy. I’m sure you made girl’s camp so fun though! When I think of girl’s camp I think of you. We had so much fun! I don’t know how our leaders always appeared to be having fun with us too the entire time!

  • Krista

    Oh my! I can’t believe it, how awful. That picture of you huddled together with someone while the snow came at an angle is my favorite. Crazy!

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