Happenings around here…

Not a lot of interesting things to say today. Although I have loved being outside yesterday and today. I got some much-needed yard work done and did it with a smile! I wasn’t much of a yard-helper when I was growing up. My parents had to bribe me, they would to give me a dime for every weed I pulled or flower I planted. And even then, I’d end up with about a dollar and not much progress on the weeds. But now that I have my own house, I feel a sense of ownership and love for the yard and have a much easier time getting out there and working. I think it’s a little addicting really. There’s always something more to do. We are trying a garden this year! We planted tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, peppers, and a watermelon. I’m really excited…I’ll update you on our progress there.

Our little garden…love will make it grow! ha ha


Here are some family pics. We went to SoCal for Memorial Day with Jim and Jenn. We stayed with the Grewe cousins, who are hilarious and so much fun to be around. Highlights: watching Pitt surf and be so excited about it, dinner at Downtown Disney-I could just feel the magic, In&Out burgers and shakes, our amazing cousins! Lowlights:the weather was a complete disappointment and I didn’t even get in the ocean (or take my sweatshirt off for that matter), finding out that the In&Out shakes have 680 calories each!!   

Freezing with Cousin Joe at the beach.

BBQ time is all the time at the Leija Lounge. Gwen and Carlos have a beautiful backyard!

A moment of sunshine in Long Beach.


5 responses to “Happenings around here…

  • Anya

    Looks like you had fun Beks! You are always traveling… I am so jealous! I love to do it, just don’t do it enough anymore. Dang kid!

    I hear you on the In&Out Shake… but I have worse news… my favorite cheesecake at the cheesecake factory has 1,060 calories PER SLICE! Yeah, SICK! But I tell ya, that didn’t stop me from having a few bites on Saturday night! 🙂 P.S. It’s Dulce DeLeche Cheesecake. Divine.

  • stacie

    Hi Becky this is Stacie.. I got to your blog through Camilles blog. I am glad to see that things are going well for you. I love that blogging keeps people in touch.

  • C

    Nice man-pris Pitt! I didn’t know you were European. Do they sell those at the Jerk Store?

  • bre

    I cant believe how much you guys travel! I love that, how fun! You guys are such a cute couple, and I love the garden, we didnt get to ours this year, it has SO many weeds and we just will have to kill them all this year and start next year!

  • Tori

    Hey Beck, thanks for the comment on my blog and entering my “contest” ha ha!

    I am jealous of your sunshine adventure and garden… who knows if L-town will ever be warm enough for either of those things!

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