NY and DC

We had a great trip last week celebrating our 3rd anniversary. We made a slideshow of the highlights below. We really love traveling. It is fun to see the places in real life instead of just in movies or pictures. My cousin Kurt is doing an internship out there, so we were able to stay with him and his wife Katie. Thanks guys! They also posted some pics here.  New York is always busy and full of life! There was so much to do and so much walking! We got pretty tired after a few days and about wore our shoes out. We loved our day trip to Brooklyn. It was the way I pictured New York to be. Nice neighborhoods and people out walking their dogs, enjoying the day. We will have to go back because there’s always something more to see! After we were in NY for 5 days, we took a train to DC. We had 2 rainy days, but had a lot of fun seeing all the monuments. A quick tour through the US Capital was my favorite thing. We also visited Mount Vernon and saw George Washington’s grave. We had a blast and we’re already planning our next adventure!


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