Pictures of the week

Last Sunday we went to Aaron and Aimee’s house to hang out with their family and other friends Joe and Sarah. It is so funny to see how excited the little girls get when Pitt arrives. They don’t give us a minute to say hi to their parents, they just grab him and make him chase them and jump on the tramp and dress up! Pitt always jumps right in. Here he is with Bailee, Cosette, Isabelle and Brookelyn. Check out my flowers! They bring me so much joy. (Ignore the fallen daffodils in the background, blasted storms!) I’m thinking of starting a garden too. Have any of you tried? 


3 responses to “Pictures of the week

  • Melissa CArter

    Hey Becky! I love your blog! And I love your flowers, how pretty!

    Every year I tell myself that I’m going to plant tulips and then I chicken out (who knows why)…and every spring I regret not having them….ah, well, at least I know where to go to see some nice pictures of them 😉

  • Julie

    I love your flowers! I planted a ton last year so I hope someone enjoys them! We had high hopes of starting a veggie garden, it just never got there! Good luck!

  • Suzie

    Your flowers are so bright and Spring-y. How fun to have your cute garden. Hope you enjoy New York.

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