This was my project…


o we have these out-of-control trumpeter vines (maybe they’re really called butterfly bush, but I don’t know) that have overgrown INTO our neighbor’s garage. I’m pretty sure they were like this before we moved here. But i have tried to ignore them. Finally on Sunday I met Woody, he’s the guy who’s garage they’re growing INTO. He, in a very nice way, suggested we cut them. How I haven’t met him in 18 months.. I don’t really know? He saw me Sunday and called me his “absentee neighbor” and gave me a nice handshake. Next door, to the north, are 2 duplexes-this is where Woody lives. I know his roommate-a retired 70 year old biker dude that drives a maroon chester molester van. Who, soon after we moved in nicely decided not to park right in front of our house anymore. I see him occasionally and we talk about the weather or the mailman-who’s drop off time at our house is generally 7pm. Weird! Well, I took on the cutting project and felt quite accomplished about myself. Here are before and after photos: 




3 responses to “This was my project…

  • Shae

    Yikes … defines that project to a T- You accomplished a lot and I would be braggin about it! I must it looks really good! Now the other task is hauling all the dumb branches or vines? I’m so sorry! I wish I could be there to help! Well I hope that life is treating you both good! Congrats to your Uncle Gary … he’s one busy guy! Well I bet you’re lovin’ the weather! Have a one fab weekend and thanks for finding me!

  • Leila Peterson

    Wow! What a project! I can’t believe how big your backyard is! I love it! Sorry I try and leave messages when I check but sometimes forget. It’s funny how addicting blogging is!

  • Nicol

    I didn’t know that you had a blog. I saw your link over on Jill’s blog.

    It looks like that Trumet vine was plotting to take over the world, one garage at a time.

    It doesn’t look like an easy task. When we purchased our house we had Ivy growing on the side of it. And we later found also growing inside the house. That was a mess!

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