“I feel so good!”

 That’s exactly what I said after watching my favorite show  tonight–and it wasn’t even

a very good episode. I highly recommend this hospital drama that has stood up to the test of time. Who knows, it may influence you do do something crazy…like become a nurse! I love it for its “ER moments”…usually right before the credits roll. These moments just make you stop and say “What?! It’s not over, it can’t end there…!” And then it does, Jay Leno comes on, and you go on with your life. “I feel so good.”


2 responses to ““I feel so good!”

  • Leila Peterson

    I love this show too! I don’t get to watch it enough but it makes everything seem so fun. This is by far my favorite hospital drauma. Hopefully I will get to see you sometime since we are in the two very close hospitals!

  • Becky

    Thanks Leila! Seeing as this post got so many comments, it seems that we are the only 2 who like this show. I know my dad likes ER but he waits months and months until I come home to watch it with him. Pretty funny.

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