Sad Hearts


This is Hser Ner Moo. Our hearts go out to the Burmese people that lost her. She was precious.  The apartments where she lived are in our ward boundaries and a lot of the people have been brought into the church and taught. It has truly been a modern day miracle seeing the gospel spread in such a unique way, right in front of our eyes. They are a beautiful kind, loving people. Our corner of the world has definitely been affected by this tragedy and her smile will live on in our hearts.


5 responses to “Sad Hearts

  • Aimee

    That is sooo sad! She was such a cute little girl! My heart goes out to her and her family!

  • Kurt & Kaite

    What up y’all? Pit looks like quite the dancer there… Becky, we’d be stoked if you came out in May! We’re going to be gone on memorial day weekend in Boston at the end of the month, fyi.

    About an airport. JFK probably is the best bet if you want to stay in New York. If you want to stay with us we HIGHLY recommend going to the Newark, NJ airport. We could pick you guys up and take you either to our home or wherever you want to stay. That will save you on taxi or sub prices. Call if you want more info. Coolidge

  • Lauren

    What a cute picture. That story broke my heart. I am so sad for her and her family.

  • Debbie Raymond

    That photo just gets to me…what a tragedy for people who had already suffered so much. It makes me think about how our lives can be changed in an instant. Makes me want to be more aware of the everyday joys that surround me.

  • Claire

    Is that really Pitt? Wow. Ya that is such a tragedy! Her and her family have been on my mind and in my prayers so much. So sad!

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