Baby Jaden

So this is sweet little  Jaden Joshua Hansen. He is my best friend Adrienne‘s first baby. He was born March 14th, so I met  him when he was 6 days old. I made him the quilt he is laying on.  Isn’t he so precious! I’m so proud of Adrienne for taking that giant step and starting their family. She is already a really good mom and I love her a lot!


5 responses to “Baby Jaden

  • Ade

    Thank you so much for coming up and for the darling quilt!!! Little Jaden loves it already!!! Isn’t he just so cute? Right now he’s just vibrating away in his little seat all bundled up, sucking on his bink and looking all around the room. He’s sure got his mom and dad wrapped around every finger he has! Ha! We love him! Anyways…on another note, I still really like that cardigan and I hope you keep it! 🙂

  • claire

    Good job on the blankey Beck! You pick such cute fabric. I love the one you made Addy!

  • Lauren

    That is a cute baby and I am impressed with your sewing too!

  • Andy Wegener

    Love the blog Bek!

  • Tori

    ditto! You are soo crafty! And Jaden is ooh so cute!! (you look really good with a baby, you know that right?)

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