Extreme Sled Fest!

Never knew Lundstrom Park could be so much fun! We were up there last week and got some great shots and put it to music…Dragonforce! Totally killer… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRkrOlT5HtU  I’m babysitting Brookelyn and Bailee for 3 days. It’s Saturday morning, they got up at 8-we already made Valentines today and had breakfast, then Brookelyn says “I’m bored” Oh no, already!? My quiver of things to do is running low and we have 36 more hours to go. Wish me luck! We are having fun, that’s for sure.


3 responses to “Extreme Sled Fest!

  • Lauren B.

    Your sledding looks pretty fun! We were in Utah a week or so ago and did a little ourselves…always a good time.

    As for the kiddo’s being bored, good luck with that one! You could always read them an animal encyclopedia or watch National Geographic…Oh wait, only Jared would enjoy that.

    So, are you guys coming back to Hawaii this summer or what?

  • Bre

    Looks like fun! sounds like you have your work cut out for ya! HEy they have some fun crafts and stuff to do you can get at MIcheals! ANd some can be pretty cheap, it has been my lifesaver many times:)

  • Kurt & Kaite

    Those jumps were ill nasty!!!! Rock on folks. See y’all soon

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