Skip Work and go skiing.

So I know This sounds weird, But I called in sick to my job that requires me to ski all day To go ski all day at another resort. Bek and I Had free tickets to Alta for the day and they reported 6 new inches, but it was more like 12. Great Pow Day so we tried out our new Flip video camera. It is really small and holds up to an hour of Video. The Quality is surprisingly good for as simple and as small as it is. This is just a taste of the days events. And as always the best action is never recorded, but it is a start and I am stoked that we were able to film even a little bit. Enjoy the movie. You know we enjoyed the day!!!  Pittastic


7 responses to “Skip Work and go skiing.

  • Aaron

    That is awesome. You totally would not know that today would have been that good of a day, but based on the video it looks like there were lots of people that missed out (including me, stupid Visa RFP). You need to take the camera to that cliff off of Peak 5 (or whatever that lift was by 9990). Beck is rockin’ the slopes as well, I am impressed with your “ski skillz'” Beck. Love the video guys.
    Later -Aaron

  • Aaron

    By the way, good to have the old “prepare to unload” header back. Have to admit I like it a lot better.

  • Bre

    Looks FAB! Im so jealous! I was pregnant the last two years and I am finally NOT this year and have not even taken advantage of it, CRAP I better get on it. Dang Steve is a wuss and hates the cold, Ill have to drag him up there anyway, and I guess having the two monsters at home does not make it any easier, Oh well, looks like you called in “sick” on a good day!

  • Julia

    I have not been skiing since our junior year of highschool. Kansas isn’t much of a place for winter sports but we’ve been back in UT for 2 winters now and I still haven’t been skiing. My husband’s work has a ski day every year and I didn’t go last year and I can’t go this year because the baby won’t take a bottle. Such sadness especially since the snow is so great. Oh well, maybe I’ll get to go next year.

  • Suzie

    I wish! This looks so great. Glad you got to do some great skiing.

  • Suzie

    Hey Becky. Tag you’re it. I am tagging you with “Book Mame Tag” go to my blog and copy and paste it. Good luck! 🙂 Suz

  • Kurt & Kaite

    What up Bek & Pitt. We love the music video of the skiing action. So we are totally jealous that there is so much snow out there. All we have are hills out here, but things are going well. You bet we’re coming out for Derek’s Wedding! It’ll be cool to party with everyone again. I still can’t believe he’s getting married. Anywho, keep up posted!

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