rANdoM PIcs

I know it’s late to do Christmas photos, but I have a few I want to share. These are some of my girlies, Sarah, Mindy and Claire (great with child). I just can’t say enough how much fun we have together! I’m a lucky duck that we’ve stuck together so long. We love having  friends over and our door is always open, so stop by and say hi anytime! That pic has Lauren and her sweet as pie babe Liam, Eliza and Jackson (also sweet as pie). Speaking of pie, have you seen Waitress? I enjoyed it and always get her little song stuck in my head-
“Baby, don’t you cry,
Gonna bake a pie,
Gonna bake a pie
with a heart in the middle.”
Too cute!! It made me want to bake a pie, but PItt is not a fan…so I made banana bread instead! Mmmm… Enjoy the rest of January. Go skiing okay?!

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