Things that must go

X96 plays this game every so often (yes, I still listen to the radio…call me crazy) and my friend and I were playing at work yesterday. We were mostly complaining about nurse stuff which isn’t amusing unless you’re a nurse, so i won’t share those. Here are my things that must go:-Britney Spears on the news! It’s just so stupid -DJs butting in on the end of a song and singing along (maybe I should stop listening to the radio)- Having only one check stand open at the grocery store, I hate standing in line-Ants in the bathroom (we’re working on it, sorry Heather)-The writer’s strike. I want to see the stars and their Oscars!What are some things that must go for you? Leave a comment.  


3 responses to “Things that must go

  • Debbie Raymond

    There are lots of things I hate, unfortunately. I’m really not negative, just strong opinioned I guess. I hate it when Scott has every episode of Modern Marvels on auto-record on the DVR. Everytime I turn on the TV, no matter what the time of day, Modern Marvels is on. And if I decide to play a Sirius channel – you know, some music I like, well, in under 30 minutes the DVR will have switched over to Modern Marvels and my music is gone. There, I’ve vented. It won’t change a thing but I feel better (that’s how marriage is for all you young-uns-don’t get your hopes up on anything ever changing). That’s something else I hate, how nothing changes. We’ve been married 33 years and…..I’d better shut up now. You all know I adore Scott and I really don’t care about the fact that he still drives the red Fiero he bought in 1986.

  • Suzanne Wagner

    Wow, mom hit the “mother” load!

    My list of things that must go . . .
    1- the word “like”, it’s like the only word my students use anymore!
    2- Along with the Brittney gossip I could also do without glamorizing all the in and out of rehab stories.
    3- Not to take us back to Christmas, but “My Favorite Things” is not a Christmas song.

  • Adrienne

    Haha! Debbie! I love it! I had a whole list of things that I was thinking must go…but now I can’t think of them! I’ll be thinking more and check back.

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