REcent PIcs

I’ve noticed some new traffic to our “web log” so I thought I should post some current photos of us.Pitt‘s Christmas chainsaw (sounds like a children’s book) He got it from his dad and now he’s a “real man.” He cut up our dead Christmas tree for us to use in our fireplace.  Pitt’s still kicking it at The Canyons-currently 6 degrees! Brrr! Becky loves a good picture of her-who doesn’t!? Red-nose and everything-ha ha! I work at HCH, passing pain pills and pulling sick patients out of bed whether they like it or not. We’re contemplating going back to Hawaii. What do YOU think, should we? 


6 responses to “REcent PIcs

  • Tori

    I would go back!! I hate winter!!

    P.S. Thanks for coming back to the blog world… now we need to work on ade.

  • Bre

    I love the picture! ANd Pit really does look like the happiest child on earth with his “toy”! Hawaii sounds fab, but then again I have never been before, but I would hate for you to go now that we have all reconnected!

  • Suzie

    Cute photos. Winston and I will definitely come visit you in Hawaii this time! So it’s okay by me!

  • Adrienne

    I vote no for Hawaii. There is a VERY good chance that Ade, Josh, Bella and baby Jaden will be in Utah all summer long!!! Don’t leave us! On second thought…maybe you should go and I can get my mom to babysit…I will need a break! 🙂

    PS-I agree with Bre, Pitt totally looks like the happiest child on earth with that saw!

  • Lauren B.

    We’d love to have you guys come back to Hawaii!!

    Very cute pictures too!

  • Julia

    I vote yes to Hawaii, but only if I can come along. I could really use some warm weather right now! It is snowing again and I feel the need to blow the monthly budget on a snow blower. I think we have about 2 feet of snow in our yard. If the sun doesn’t shine soon I may become another victim of seasonal depression. My husband would be so jealous of Pitt’s chain saw.

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