November Blues

November is here and that means that it is time for me to live at work. From now until april I will be very busy with the ski season. I look forward to it sometimes because I know I will not be bored but at the same time I will little spare time for anything other than work and sleep. The canyons is planning on opening on the 17th of Nov. so  it is crunch time for us to get everything ready for the 130 lift operators that I will be managing.  Anyway this weekend Bek and I finished our kitchen project finally. We painted it red and put in white beadboard and chair rail. we are stoked about the way it came out.  All of you are invited to come over and see it anytime. We will post photos shortly.

Halloween was un eventful and we had 4 trick or treaters come to our door.  That is about all that has happened. I am really bad at this blog thing. That is why I let my beautiful wife take care of it most of the time.   See you all later.


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