Post Script: Hawai’i

We want to share some pictures with you. They are af our 2 excursions to the other islands- Big Island and Kauai. There were so many pictures that I had to store them on a different web site. Go here to check them out. Click on slide show and you can view them that way. This is a service, “web albums,” run by Picasa and was super easy to put together. (Thanks Mom!)

Have an Aloha day!


3 responses to “Post Script: Hawai’i

  • Debbie

    In about a month you’ll be wondering why you left that place! But we’re sure glad you’re back and we love the photos.

  • C

    Welcome back to the snowy peaks of Utah. Glad you are home. The pics of the big island are sweet! We need to get together and get the details of the trip. I can’t wait to hear of the next adventure. I hope it involves us and a caye off the coast of Belize!

  • Lauren B

    Great pictures. Makes me excited for my trip to Kuaui and now I need to plan one to the Big Island!

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