Tandem surfing

Our attempt at Tandem Surfing was so much fun! On Saturday we rented a Big board-12 feet!-and hit the waves in Waikiki. We had a lot more impressive wipeouts than rides, but were laughing the whole time. This sport is quite popular here, in fact the championships were held here last week. The sport started after the “beach boys” of Waikiki, incl. Duke Kahanamoku, would take out girls from the beach to show them what it was like to catch a wave. It has evolved through the years to include beautiful acrobatics. Letting me have the experience of catching a wave was Pitt’s motive here, since I can’t seem to figure it out on my own. I must say there’s nothing like catching a wave and skimming on the water like that.  Thanks to Pitt, my very own beach boy!


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