Hawaii Update

Hello world,

This week has been full of work and recovery from the weekend in Utah. We had a great time seeing Duke and the fam and also witnessing Jim and Jen tie the knot. I have not talked so much in my entire life. It seems as if once you leave Cache Valley, People become interested in what you are doing with your life. Anyway it was a great time to see everyone and catch up. We are coming to close here in Hawaii. We are trying to pack in to separate trips to Kuaui and the Big Island. We figure we better go now Instead of wishing we would’ve when we get home.  I am working a lot so that I can make some money and quit the a week and a half before we leave. That way I can sell spike, Becky’s surfboard and Everything else we need to get rid of before coming home. We just changed our flights and we will be arriving in SLC around noon on the 2oth of sept. We are flying separately but at the same time.

Last night we went out to dinner with Jim and Jen on their way home frome there honeymoon on Kuaui.  We also had a great day of surfing yesterday. White Plains Beach It was a good change from the surf Doldrums that we have had throughout the whole month of august.  We are trying to get all the beach time in that we can and see all that we can before our time is up and we were wishing we were still here (without jobs of course).  Lanikai


One response to “Hawaii Update

  • Dani

    How would it be to live in Hawaii?! You guys are so lucky! PS – we missed you at Mindy’s wedding. (her friend Joni thought I was Becky! It was pretty funny, she came up and asked me where Pitt was. I was like, uhhh, I think he and Becky are still in Hawaii… she was really embarassed and I was laughing! 🙂

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