Good times

We haven’t written for a long time! But we’ve been having lots of fun. Hurricane Flossie is now 300 miles south from us and just a tropical storm now. We didn’t have anything but a little extra wind. We surfed last night and the waves were bigger, but messy and hard to read (at least for the beginner that I am). We had Aaron & Aimee and Joe & Sarah Bennett here in Hawaii a little while ago. They are a hoot! Aaron and Joe have been buddies for over 20 years but they still laugh at each other’s stupid boy humor like they were back in middle school. Some highlights: Snorkeling at Shark’s Cove, hiking Diamondhead and many hours at the Beach. This one is North Shore and we were getting tossed and bashed by the waves. We had sand in places where sand shouldn’t be! So, thanks for coming guys! We’ll have to do it again sometime.


6 responses to “Good times

  • Aaron

    Hey Pitt and Bek – Sarah is going to be very proud of that airport picture – its a keeper! Thanks for hanging out and showing us the ropes while we were in Hawai’i! (Everything except Ko’ Olina of course…j/k!) Next time we will have to hit Kawaii to go hiking or something on another island like that.

    We have been missing everything about the trip, hanging out with you guys every night and the sound of the waves outside our door at night. It is fun to enjoy the laid back lifestyle there on the island. See you guys when you get back!

    Aloha oukou!

  • Sarah

    Thanks guys for the awesome time! It was fun to hang out with ya! I know you all love the airport picture I look HOT! We are missing Hawii too and wish we could come back soon. Are you guys going to get out before the Hurricane?


  • Pitt'n'Bek

    Yes, we’re getting out of here tonight! I decided to lay out today at our pool-1st time. I bet I looked pretty funny because the sky was grey and it was raining a little…but I had nothing else to do at the time! ha ha

  • Keisa

    Hey girl,
    You two rock! I am so happy that you are kickin’ it there for the summer. You have to try out the traditional kava drink on Waikiki, korean food in Wiakele @ Y’kele (across from the factory outlet stores, next to sushi house), pineapple ice cream from Dole plantation, Kua ‘aina burger joint in Haleiwa. Also, there is amazing snorkeling on the North shore, it is approximately 5 miles past Haleiwa, no signs posted, just when the surf is low you see a ton of rock figures, and few tourists (I think it is called Shark’s something). Also, go to the mall at Ala moana and there is an asian market which sells fresh stemmed buns they are delicious.
    It sounds like you are having the time of your life. Take care and keep me posted.

  • Adrienne

    You laid out in the rain? You crazy girl! Just kidding, I probably would have done the same thing. So, we still really want to come out…I just don’t think we can-bad timing. BOO!!! 😦 Anyways, have fun in Utah and I wish you were staying a few days longer cause baby, I’M COMING HOME!!!!!!!!

  • elder raymond

    wish i could go! eat dirt

    hahaha sorry

    see you soon

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