Hawaii and work do not mix

This week has been  different. After about a month of extended vacation, I started my job at the Hyatt. My title is Regency Club Attendant. A.K.A Dishwasher in a concierge disguise.  I clean up breakfast in the VIP lounge at the hotel. I wash a ton of breakfast plates and coffee mugs.  Along with bussing dishes I get to practice my japanese. I get to tell them “ohio gazaimas! Wercome to da legency crub Rounge.” (Regency club Lounge). I have to leave our house at 5 Am to get there and I am done by 12.  So it leaves plenty of time to surf.  Big swell moving in the next few days and we are supposed to have consistent head high surf. It will make for an exhausting week of surf and work.  We are stoked for Aaron and Aimee to get here this week. It will be a party.

Bek and I went to Waimea falls and Bay yesterday. We love north shore it is so beautiful and the shave ice is amazing! Yes shave Ice, Not Shaved. Here is a recent photo. Talk to you all later  North Shore Shave Ice

Jumping Rock Waimea Bay


6 responses to “Hawaii and work do not mix

  • Camille Pedersen

    Hey guys, I’ve been reading your blog, keeping up with your Hawaiian adventures. Makes me miss our time there. Those shave ice look familiar, did you get them at katzumori, or something like that. We’re just looking for flights to come visit the big island, maybe we’ll stop in for the day. isn’t hawaii awesome!!

  • Pitt'n'Bek

    Camille! Hi! Ya, the shave ice is from Aiko’s (right next to Matsumoto, who always has too long of a line-so we go next door). Mmm, I want one right now.

  • bill grewe

    work and utah didn’t mix to well either pray for snow love dad

  • Adrienne

    You guys make me crave shaved ice. Apparently North Carolina doesn’t believe in it. Lame. Hey Bek, check out what I found today-http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20050293,00.html . YES!!!

  • Dani

    If you ever come to Philly let me take you out for a Water Ice. You’ll never go back. 🙂 I’m still jealous you’re in Hawaii. Someday I’ll visit there…

  • C

    Diggin the blog guys. Keep it comin.

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