Kane’ohe Bay

Hey guys! I noticed that we have some new readers! Welcome California cousins, we miss y’all! Glad you found our blog. My mom and dad flew in Tuesday and we’ve been running non-stop since. Here are some pictures from today’s adventure. #1 Sunken Island  #2 Sunken IslandWe kayaked to a sunken island. You paddle out about +1/2 mile and then suddenly you’re on top of it. It’s only 2-3 feet deep. So, we hopped out of our boats and wandered the island. The water was so warm and the views of the mountains were spectacular! While paddling we were lucky enough to see a sting ray and a jelly fish (a Portuguese Man-of-War)! We had a lot of fun. Wish you all were here!


2 responses to “Kane’ohe Bay

  • Adrienne

    Oh wow! That is way cool! Looks like you guys are having fun with the parents. Tell them I say hi!

  • Debbie Raymond

    Too bad we can’t photoshop my thighs. lol But…maybe they contributed to the power and strength we needed to row the thousand miles to that sunken island. On that day, in the middle of the ocean, I was sure glad Scott had been working out. I was at about 50%. It was hard work. Of course Beck and Pitt just glided through the water with the greatest of ease. Fun memories.

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