Hello world!

What’s with the title/URL you ask? Here’s the story. On our garage, that’s tilted and just waiting to fall over with a gentle breeze, we have a sign the says “Prepare to Unload.” Pitt got it from the ski resort and hung it there. I just laughed to myself when he put it up, knowing that the future would be full of unloading…groceries, luggage, shopping bags, etc.  But, after seeing it for 6 months, i finally figured out what it really means for me.  It’s a reminder that our home needs to be a sanctuary and comfortable, safe, warm, loving place where cares of the world are left outside.  As I come home from a long day’s (or night’s) work, I will see that sign and be reminded to “unload” and leave bad moods or negativity behind me and prepare to enter my home. A place where I know I will always find my husbands open arms and smiling face. Welcome to our blog. It will be a good place for us to keep in touch!


2 responses to “Hello world!

  • Adrienne

    only pitt would put that sign up… i think at first i would have killed him, but now that i think about it it’s grown on me. what a good reminder everyday and a nice title for a blog. nice work pitt! (and nice work bek for not making him take it down)

  • Suzie

    Well, I am excited you have started a new blog. I like your thought of unloading bad moods and negativity before entering the house. I think that the sign is quite characteristic of both you and Pitt.

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